Billboard Music Awards 2018

In partnership with Uber, I attended the Billboard Music Awards in Las Vegas this past weekend. It was an awesome experience to walk the red carpet with a group of bad ass women, and I got to see so many music industry friends and clients at the event as well! It was actually only my second time at an award show, but definitely my favorite so far. I love any excuse to dress up and attend a music event I'm not working at! The staging was super cool, and the atmosphere was really energetic (especially with all the artists' superfans haha!). It was so inspirational to see all of the ladies winning awards and delivering amazing performances throughout the night. I think this year the BBMAs really spoke to the theme of female empowerment - recognizing and celebrating women in the industry for their dedication, hard work and talent. I resonated with this on so many levels because as a woman working in the music industry, you really begin to notice how important girl power is out here! It made me think about all of the awesome girls I've toured with over the years... from artists to tour managers to merch managers and lighting designers, women hold this whole thing together. Love that Uber and the BBMAs put so much emphasis on empowering women for this amazing event. :)

GirlBoss Rally - Los Angeles

This past weekend I was fortunate enough to attend the GIRLBOSS Rally in LA with one of my fave clients (Facebook Messenger)! Girlboss, the brainchild of Sophia Amoruso (of NastyGal), is a media platform creating a community of women entrepreneurs, inventors, business owners, etc. It was an all day production consisting of panels, workshops, activations, gift bags, a shopping bazaar, a manicure station, massages and more! Also, Tender Greens provided lunch (heart eyes). This event was really cool and unlike anything else I've ever been to. I saw Gwyneth Paltrow speak about Goop & how she started her business, and I got a super cute girl boss themed manicure. I also met some awesome women, and of course shot photos all day at the coolest booth - the Messenger #MessagesThatMatter Wall. I never really post work stuff and I always want to share the cool projects I'm working on, so here are some photos from the rally!